"The 59 Revival" by Ian R.K. Paisley.

I've a book which has sat on the bookshelf for years. It was first published in 1958 and I assume I've the 4th edition published in September 1970 as the date my Granny had written on it was one year later "September 1971". I'll admit I borrowed it from my Granny and have never and don't intend returning it to her as she's dead over 10 years now. I brought it down to have a look following the news today about Ian Paisley. Yes the book was written by one half of the Chuckle Brothers, Big Ian.

The author, Ian R K Paisley, according to the back cover of the book is minister of Ravenhill Free Presbyterian Church and currently Moderator of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster...

Now engaged in building the largest Protestant Church in the United Kingdom, to hold 2,000 people, the present church building, though enlarged, being unable to hold his congregations. Sunday services are presently being held in the City Auditorium of Belfast, the famous Ulster Hall

The forward reads...
It is 110 years since the Great Revival swept this beloved Province of ours.

What a time that was, a time of refreshing from the presence of the Most High God.

The fear of the Almighty God fell upon whole communities - ungodly sinners, smitten “hip and thigh” with conviction of sin, cried aloud for mercy - houses of sin and shame closed - liquor shops went out of business - crime fell by amazing proportions - Popery and Unitarianism reeled under the hammer of the Word of God.

New churches sprang up. The voice of the blasphemer was replaced by the voice of the gospel songster. The whole of society felt the purging flame of revival and spiritual awakening. The ministers of God caught fire and the people of their respective communities came out to see them burn.

On the eve of the centenary of the Great Awakening, this book was first published. Two editions were quickly sold and many enquiries have since been made for copies.

Ravenhill Free Presbyterian Church, Belfast, now in the process of erecting the largest Protestant church in the United Kingdom, is responsible for this third edition. All profit from the sale of the same will go towards the Ravenhill Building Fund.

As we review the great scenes of the Revival, surely there ought to be born within us the cry “Lord, revive us again!”

Ian R.K. Paisley

Ephesians 6:19—20.

Glancing at the book poses a question , If Rev Paisley hadn't got into politics and had concentrated solely on church work, how would the last 50 odd years in Northern Ireland have panned out?

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