Picture this.

For some reason an image I associate with the SAS is when they ended a seige of the Iranian embassy in London back in 1980.That was when
Five Iranian gunmen were killed and one was arrested. Nineteen hostages were set free but one died and two were injured in the cross-fire.
I must have been one of the millions who watched the live coverage of this happening.

So when I read the headlines today DUP plans SAS event at Stormont, I thought that could be spectacular.What an entrance the SAS could make.I doubt that Sinn Fein's Jennifer McCann event to celebrate the life of IRA bomber Mairead Farrell could be as dramatic.Who'd want to attend an event where the best they could do would be to set off a car bomb at the door to greet those attending.The SAS could use para flashes and scale up and down the walls of Stormont. Then just before they were to take to the stage burst through the window.
So you think I've lost my 'marlies'? What do you expect with the tit-for-tat politics I read about, again.When the media seem to give the politicians a bit of space to get some real work done the politicians prove that the space they're given, or have, is a waste.I've a message to the politicians which is, as the old saying goes 'WISE UP!'

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Stray Taoist said...

Surely the old saying should be one of

Wind yer neck in, big lawd
Catch yerself awn, there

or even