Would you call this a Haiku?

also found scrawled on the notebook...

Statue, cold and grey
The Blessed Virgin Mary.
I understand why.

[Apologies to devout Roman Catholics]


Anonymous said...

The BVM is always blue and white unless something has gone horribly wrong.


CyberScribe said...

Thanks Ganching :-)

To try and cover up my ignorance... Maybe I was referring to the statue before it was painted.

So would the BVM wear similar colours to Glasgow Rangers Football Club?

CW said...

Not royal blue like Rangers, more of a sky blue like Manchester City.

CyberScribe said...

Thanks CW. At some stage in my life I'd like to study a bit about statues and what way people feel about them.I don't have any strong opinion or religious feeling for religious statues from all or any denominations that I've noticed.This includes some I've seen in Roman Catholic Church/Monasteries grounds and the others I've seen in Martyrs Memorial Free Presbyterian Church.The only statues that affect me at all are the type you'd see from areas in West Africa, some of them scare the shit out of me.