It's Saturday and...

I wonder will I win my appeal against being issued with a parking ticket or will I have to fork out £30.

I've some packing done.

But I've all these boxes to fill.

I better get started.


Anonymous said...

Don't put yourself in a box!

Happy packing.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain re packing. I'm still surrounded by boxes more than a month after moving.


CyberScribe said...

Thanks Grannymar :-) When I end up in that box I'm hoping that my wish will be granted. The wish is that a floral tribute be placed alongside the coffin that reads "You can call me Jack now"

GanchingThanks :-) I'm hoping to have everything unpacked, or more dumped, in a week.The worst thing will be replanting a few plants in the garden and hoping the rooting powder works.
I've always thought that we all live in boxes and move in boxes to the boxes we work in...