Inspired to write a book.

My sojourn in Greyabbey will come to an end at the end of this month.I'll not go in to all the reasons for leaving just in case I have to get a solicitor involved.

The time I've spent here has inspired me to write a purely fictional book.Purely, there'll be nothing pure about it. It'll be set in a village that's turning into a 'ghost village' a village where people sell up and leave. Of course the characters in the story will include a wealthy landowner, his mistress and his wife.There'll be links to the MI5 safe house and the people they've had to hide.The story will no doubt feature these people in hiding and the reaction of the villagers when it's revealed the reason why they've moved to the village.I'll have to have a minister, probably with a drink problem, in the story. Also a doctor who's meant to only have 3 months to live and has stopped working, but really is... I'm not telling, you'll have to buy the book.

If there is spasmodic blogging, or is that sporadic blogging, here over the next couple of months it's because I don't want to get newspaper ink all over my keyboard. My hands, at present, are clean and at the next available opportunity will be covered in newspaper ink.There's nothing better than that and stacking cardboard boxes in any available corner of the house.

Up in the roofspace I might just find...


Lord Taoist said...

Sounds great. So great, in fact, I would buy it if even to support the legal libel fund.

Anonymous said...

New Year, new beginnings and I hope new adventures for you in 2008.

potdoll said...

Yay! Happy New Year Matey!

ellie said...

Oh dear, the septic tank has driven you out? To add to your troubles, I have tagged you with Knudsen's meme.

banana99 said...

I just knew the pace down here would be too exciting for you!

Where are you off to?

CyberScribe said...

Lord Taoist - I knew I could count on you to buy the 'solitary book' when it is published. You could end up being the most famous Lord in history to buy the most expensive book ever published :-)

Grannymar - Thanks and I'm looking forward to reading your review of 2008. 2007 was some year for you [I've been reading your blog :-)]

Potdoll - Thanks and it's good to read that you're continuing to blog.

Ellie - Yes the creatures from the cesspit escaped and warned me to get out. Knudsen's meme I wonder does it involve the use of porn and bad words:-)

bananna99 - I think when Greyabbey gets continually Greyer it's time to go. Even colour photographs look black and white, but I assure that all in Greyabbey isn't. I'll have to tease the blogosphere in the future to let them know where I'm off to. You love that word 'blogosphere' don't you? ;-)

banana99 said...

AS long as it's not Downpatrick you should be alright!

Blog is another word I dislike immensely. 'Blog is fear' inspires exactly what it says. Fear of verbal vomit in the form of new words that become overused... but that's just me. heh!

Good luck wherever you land :)