Eating out in Greyabbey.

The advert in A Taste Of Ulster Guide 2003/2004 reads...
1-3 Main Street
Greyabbey BT22
Tel: 028 427 88260

The Wildfowler Inn is originally a coaching house, set in picturesque Greyabbey, known for its ancient abbey and antique shops.The Inn is 6 miles from Newtownards and 3 miles from the famous Mount Stuart House and Gardens. We are an ideal stopping off point and offer a traditional cosy atmosphere complete with log fire. Our food is tasty and freshly made, catering for all tastes. Facilities include a Public Bar, Lounge Bar/Restaurant and Restaurant/Function facilities where coach parties,weddings or conferences can be catered for. Families are particularly welcome at The Wildfowler Inn.
Tel: 028 44 612093
Fax: 028 44 617327

But the headline in the Courts section of the latest Newtownards Chronicle...

Greyabbey Pub Restaurant could face closure.

They say 'It has 3 months to make it's premises meet basic health and safety standards'.The Chronicle reports that Ards Borough Council brought a total of 10 charges against the guy who runs the Wildfowler.If there's ever a TV programme called 'How clean is your pub?' with Aggie and what's her name I reckon the Wildfowler should feature at least in the before part based on the charges listed in court.

Charge 1 No temperature monitoring for food refrigeration.
Charge 2 The kitchen floor was dirty, as were walls and light switches, toilets were dirty with a nappy left along with a baby's bottle full of soured fungi filled milk.
Charge 3 The officers found evidence of rodent droppings, with a rat carcass discovered under a table in the lounge.
Charge 4 The premises had no hot water and no soap at the wash hand basins.
Charge 5 There were missing tiles.
Charge 6 Areas were unsealed.
Charge 7 The gas cooker was not clean.
Charge 8 Liquid was leaking from the fridge.
Charge 9 Waste food and drinks were not removed from the function room after approximately two weeks.
Charge 10 Food was cut on a chopping board along with raw chicken.

Guess where I won't be eating for a while?


Manuel said...

wow! you just cant get away with that sort of stuff any more......not sure you ever could....

CyberScribe said...

So you can't buy 'ratburgers' anywhere?

Anonymous said...

have eaten in the wildfowler loads of times. the food is always goods . toilets clean staff very good.have been past the kitchen it was alway cleans and tidy. the caharges were fromover two years ago the head chef from then has gone

CyberScribe said...

Anon, If the charges are from over two years ago are you suggesting that the Environmental Health Dept from Ards Council aren't doing their job properly? It is safer for the general public that restaurants where rodent droppings and rat carcasses are found under tables that whoever runs it should be told to clean it up.From what I remember reading in the Newtownards Chronicle the Wildfowler Inn in Greyabbey was inspected less than a year ago, if it was over two years ago what sort of illnesses and diseases might the people of Greyabbey contracted.Is the Wildfowler Inn in Greyabbey still open? Is there still an awful smell in the area near the Wildfowler and Greyabbey Primary School?

Anonymous said...

does anyone think someone is going to leave a dead rat under a table in the middle of a busy lounge?

CyberScribe said...

Anon, I suppose it could be worse the rats might be on the menu ;-)