Titillating titles?

If I was to try and write one of those 'rant type' blog posts tonight I'd have to pick a titillating title.Let's see

  • Once upon a time there was a builder from Portaferry called *******.

  • Trevor, Dickhead Of The Day!

  • What's that smell? Oh it's just the usual Greyabbey smell.

  • And the Oscar goes to *******.

  • A fortnight to Christmas, do you think I give a fuck?

  • I can't decide, so I'll leave you with...

    I might be back sooner than you think :-)


    grannymar said...

    There you go posting my picture! I don't like the world to see me like this.

    CyberScribe said...

    That wasn't you Grannymar that was me on Friday night. Do I suit that colour? :-)