Come on everybody. It's gibbon time...

We're the Goodies
How do you do?
We've just been down to the zoo
We saw a monkey in a cage
Doing a dance
That could be the rage
It's not hard
So let's all do the funky gibbon
Ooo, ooo, ooo

Do, do, do the funky gibbon
(The funky gibbon)
We are here to show you how
Everytime I read or hear about that stupid teacher Gillian Gibbons it reminds me of
that song by the Goodies, all those years ago.
Do, do, do the funky gibbon
(The funky gibbon)
We are here to show you how
In Northern Ireland I've had to be and continue to be culturally aware, as I still value my kneecaps.I still try to avoid saying the letter 'H', for some reason it's a dead giveaway and lets people know what foot you kick with.When I was 'dj-ing'I knew the correct national anthem to play at the end of the night, even though I hit the wrong button once and accidentally played the German National Anthem.Being a Protestant,if I feel that I might need to learn more about Roman Catholicism to feel safe in an area full of Roman Catholics I will.

This woman 'Funky Gillian' looks to me like she didn't give a damn, or was really stupid.

I've been facebooked with a 'bear naming dilemma' too.The question was asked...

Cyber asks:
I need a name for my bear, what would you call him?

Answers included...
  • Satan's Whelp
  • As long as you don't call it Mohammed, you'll be fine...
  • Swami Buddha McAbraham
  • Hard-To
  • Sheep Dipper

As I'm a fine example of being culturally aware and sensitive to issues that affect the blogosphere and in the knowledge that the announcement of the name I have chosen will not endanger my life or the lives of those who answered my question. The bear has been formally named as

Swami Buddha McAbraham

as suggested by a blogger who can be found here, unless he needs to be moved into protective custody because of my foolishness.

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