Victor Meldrew's catchphrase was...

"I don't believe it!" and those words are echoed by Moi when reading the story below.
Ulster Tourist Spots 'Maddie' In Bosnia

There was fresh hope again in the six-month long hunt for missing Madeleine McCann.
Private detectives hired by parents Gerry and Kate McCann...
Next week the detectives are due to visit a town near you, so if your daughter is a Maddie lookalike and you want some publicity you know what to do.


ChronicTonic CA Girl said...


This "Irishmans" claims were proven to be a CRUEL Hoax. Lets put the real info out there in this case.

CyberScribe said...

I've just read that article in the Daily Star and noted at the end... Last night, detectives in Portugal ruled out the theory Madeleine had been buried at sea after a hi-tech navy search failed to find her body.

But they remain convinced Madeleine is dead.

I'd believe police reports but not the 'spin' from the McConns.