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I thought I'd highlight another campaign, it's the ‘Save Prehen Wood’ campaign. The Derry Journal reported recently
Developers get go-ahead for ancient woodland

Baffled residents, who have fought with developers for more than two years, say they can't understand a decision to allow houses to be built near Derry's diminishing ancient woodland. Despite efforts by the Prehen community to protect the area, which contains trees of more than 200 years old, planning permission to begin work on four houses was confirmed this week.

Prehen Wood
The wood at Prehen, acquired by the Woodland Trust in 2003, is predominately beech with an oak canopy and hazel/holly understorey. There is good beech and oak regeneration. Prehen Wood is home to at least 60 different types of plants, including bluebells, lesser celandines and wood anemones which bloom in profusion each year. Birds such as sparrowhawk and long-eared owl live in the wood, as does the endangered red squirrel (every day local volunteers put food out in special feeders to make sure they stay). The entire wood has Tree Preservation Order status and was designated a Site of Local Conservation Nature Importance in the 1990s. The wood has terrific views overlooking the city and River Foyle with free public access across all of the site and waymarked routes.

The campaigners are requesting...
Although the Derry City Council has voted against this development and the local people have made it clear they did not want it approved, Environmental Minister, Arlene Foster has overruled their decision and sided with the developers. (This is very suspect. Is Seymour building it?)

We need protest emails sent to:


There is a likelihood that only the subject heading of the mail may be read, therefore we ask that both your location and reference to the Prehen Woods are marked clearly in the e-mail Subject Heading area. For example:

"Stop Destruction of Prehen Woods -protest from Belfast, N.Ireland" or "Save the Prehen Woods Now - sent from Londonderry, N.Ireland" "Save Prehen Woods Wildlife - Derry, N.Ireland"

Whatever you like, but it is important that the nature of the protest be known, and of course the subject, Prehen Woods.

When all the world is becoming more environmentally aware why are the politicians of Northern Ireland approving more and more planning applications which encroach upon ancient woodlands and areas of natural beauty in our towns and villages.

Prehen Wood is owned and managed by the Woodland Trust, who after a search on their website today for Prehen Wood I could only found...

Prehen Now owned and managed by the Woodland Trust, Prehen Wood is mainly beech, with some oak and holly. Volunteers have undertaken a feeding programme to help conserve the red squirrel population here. Find out more here.
They state on their site BackOnTheMap.Org.Uk
We also want you to help us protect ancient and long-established woods that are under threat.
So it looks like I've more than one e-mail to send.

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