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The Evening Echo reports...
'Gentleman' Love Ulster rioter gets 18 months
A man described by gardaí as "the gentleman of the group" has been given an 18-month sentence by Judge Patricia Ryan for his role in the 'Love Ulster' parade riot in Dublin city centre last year.

Judge Ryan suspended the last nine months of the sentence after taking into account Ryan’s "sad family circumstances" and the fact that he is now the official guardian of his 15-year-old brother.

She said she also took into account what she described as the "very fair evidence" of Detective Garda Paul Murphy and the fact that Ryan wasn’t involved in setting the car alight.

Det Gda Murphy told Ms Caroline Biggs BL, defending, that out of the 70 people who were processed in his station in relation to the riots that day, Ryan could be described as the "gentleman of the group" and added that he was both "co-operative and easygoing".

He also agreed that
Ryan didn’t set fire to the car and his involvement was lifting the front of it to make it easier for others to overturn it.
He had apologised to gardaí for his "disgraceful behaviour".

Ms Biggs asked Judge Ryan to accept the "extraordinary evidence of Det Gda Murphy" and said that Ryan was "a decent individual", who had no problem with authority, but had rather got "caught up in the mob mentality of the day".

Did you know that the word 'gullible' is defined as ' Easily deceived or duped'. If I decide to start committing crimes, apart from blogging, I'll travel south to commit them. If I get caught and have to appear in court let's hope it's in front of Judge Patricia Ryan and evidence is given by Detective Garda Paul Murphy.

Now, I'm going to research the Ryan family tree.Let's start with
Patricia Ryan,Thomas Ryan...


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