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I've a favourites folder entitled 'to post on CyberScroll.Com' and I think I'll empty it here. Some of the links have been in that folder for a few weeks/months. I really should've mentioned them before, but because there isn't 28 hours in a day yet I haven't. So here goes...

Belfast Poets tour
So far New York - very positive - MInneapolis outstanding
New Zealand - well we met up with Hinneamoana Baker and performed for her Writing Class and then at the Wellington open mic - so all good there again - I had forgotten how truly uplifting Hinnemoana Baker's voice was.
We are in Cairns on the 22nd
Darwin - 24th and 26th
Perth - 28th, 29th, 30, 31st - Gordon only
Sydney - September 1st and then - 2nd at Harp Bar
Brisbane - September 9th

from Bloginboots
I have been steeped in the heady brew of performance poetry as uttered, barked, hollered and volleyed by the Belfast Poets Touring Group made up of Gordon Hewitt, Chelley McClear and Phatbob. On Monday the 3rd Gordon and Chelley visited my classes and delivered poetry workshops which worked a treat. Some of my students are pretty bloody gifted at crafting a decent poem. I was done proud. Chelley's a great teacher and Gordon is a clever, tough and uncompromising rolemodel for arrogant young lads who think they know everything. Gordon's got this towering, spitfiring stage presence for all of his audiences, but it works well particularly for young men to see a new way for working with language, an unembarrassing way to write and utter poetry.

From UNITYblog including photographs...

The Belfast Poets Collective treated the audience to their show "Love Poetry, Hate Islamophobia", currently on world tour. When they heard about the attempt by racist fundementalist Christian preachers to demonise New Zealand's Muslim community, they made a sharp detour, to lend their support for RAM's strong anti racist stance. Their show gave thoughtful, radical and sharp lessons from a city where communities have been divided, strengthening the resolve of the audience to stand up and be counted for unity and peace.

OK, away from Belfast Poets and now to Battle of the Bone which is currently in production...

BATTLE OF THE BONE is a movie set during a period in Northern Ireland that will hopefully never happen and asks the question - what extreme do we have to go to before there is peace. Its the 12th of July, and as the parades begin to march, and the demonstrators begin to gather, an army of zombies make their way towards the city centre - determined to eat anything that moves! Caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, are three friends who's sole mission is to cross into the East, so they can avoid the trouble thats around them. This proves harder than expected, and their morning only gets worse when the zombies arrive, chasing them into the middle of the rioting public who's only hope now is to join together as one, and bring peace to NI once and for all - ironically!! *********************************************************** Packed with stunning martial arts battles, horrific zombie attacks, and a claustraphobic tour through the streets of Belfast - BATTLE OF THE BONE guarantees to offer its audience something new in the face of Irish cinema! ***********************************************************

NI Talk
Northern Ireland's only forum!!!!!

The VARK Questionnaire - How Do I Learn Best?

I love reading interviews and this is no exception...

On the Set of City of Ember with Director Gil Kenan It isn’t often the director of a film looks younger than the teenagers he’s guiding through their lines. Gil Kenan is just such a director -- a wunderkind, dynamic personality who showed incredible talent during his college years at UCLA. Now directing City of Ember in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Kenan made such an overwhelming impression with his student thesis film that producer Robert Zemekis introduced him to famed director Steven Spielberg...

Thinking Aloud
the weblog of David Chillingworth, Bishop of St Andrews, Dunkeld and Dunblane. After this I'll check and see if he's got his RSS feeds working yet, so I can add this to my collection @ Bloglines. If they are, the blog will be added to 'Bloggers from, or in, Norn Iron'.

More later...

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