Searching for Madeleine.

A Belfast solicitor, who defended Omagh bomb suspect Sean Hoey, is to assist Madeleine McCann's parents in their legal defence.
Peter Corrigan was approached by Gerry and Kate McCann's legal team.
The move follows allegations that the four-year-old's DNA was found in the boot of their hire car weeks after their daughter disappeared.Mr Corrigan told the Irish News his work would involve "exposing the unreliability of LCN DNA".

Madeleine McCann: Ex-BBC man determined to clear parents' name
The new spokesman for Kate and Gerry McCann quit his job as a civil servant because he felt "so strongly" that the couple were innocent and he wanted to help them

I'm sure there'll be more news stories before the end of the day. My interest in this case has been heightened again after seeing that my previous blog post about the McCanns has been e-mailed a few times to addresses in Lisbon. I still would like to know the truth as countless others would too.


Grannymar said...

My late Mother-in-Law had a saying: There is nowt as queer as folk!

I find the whole McCann case very creepy. They seemed happy to hang on in Portugal UNTIL they became official suspects.

My niece was a Sudden cot death victim way back in the seventies. My brother and sister-in-law were grief stricken and they tortured themselves with worry that they had contributed in some way to her death. They still had to carry on with work and the normal tasks of daily living.

What has happened to the McCann's Medical positions. Have they resigned from work? What are they living on? I could go on and on. I try hard not to judge but.....

CyberScribe said...

Yea, there's lots of questions remain unanswered. Maybe when the book or the film is released we'll find out.They're bound to be planning that already.