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Firstly what it's like to have a job as a poet...
Job Profile: Life as a poet
The BBC went on the road to find out. In this online series, Daniel Preysman looks at four jobs, from the quirky to the extraordinary. Today, part three looks at what it's like to work as a poet.

LibriVox volunteers record chapters of books in the public domain and release the audio files back onto the net. Our goal is to make all public domain books available as free audio books.
Another story from the Guardian...
Mural painters of the Troubles join forces to put the Fab Four on Liverpool's walls. Republican and loyalist seek backing for Capital of Culture 2008 project

The sense of touch online, what next?

'Touch' over IP to give shopping and romance online a new 'feel'

Shoppers, lovers, and gamers online could 'feel' different in the future, thanks to thanks to research being carried out at Queen’s University into a new technology which has the potential to add the sense of touch to virtual worlds.

Finally at PetitionOnline
Gerard Cavlan - Action against Dogfighting

Gerard Cavlan, 30, a member of Tyrone�s 2003 All-Ireland Championship-winning side, helped to run an operation in which pit bull terriers were brutally pitched against each other.

He has been secretly filmed boasting about the animals� strength and skill in a fight and claimed to have up to 15 dogs. Cavlan reportedly said of a dog: �Sure he had him in the chest, and he shook him and he shook him for 25 minutes. If he hadn�t got you killed in half an hour� he was in trouble, you know. A real hard-mouthed dog.�

He has already been fined the sum of �650 (�960) after pleading guilty to possession of a dangerous dog, and banned for five years from keeping certain breeds.

A BBC Northern Ireland Spotlight investigation says that Cavlan is actually the joint owner of a Co Armagh-based dog fighting operation known as The Bulldog Sanctuary Kennels. The investigation also uncovered a trail to Finland where breeders prepare animals from as young as 10 months to be exported to the North where they are forced to fight each other. These fights result in horrific injuries to the dogs and often in the death of one or both dogs.

Cavlan is considered to be a role model in Ireland as he is a prominent Gaelic Footballer, playing in the Tyrone team.

We feel very strongly that Gerard Cavlan does not deserve to lead such a privileged lifestyle as a Gaelic Footballer when his hobby is to terrify, hurt and abuse animals for his own pleasure.

Animals are not disposable and dog fighting IS NOT a sport - it's a crime. We refer to the American footballer, Michael Vick, who is expected to be suspended from his team for similar activities in dogfighting and wewould expect the GAA to show no more leniency than their American counterparts.

We therefore request that the GAA permanently suspend Gerard Cavlan.


One signatories's comment read...

What a complete and utter spastic he is! Don't allow for this to carry... what sort of a country is this... scum scum scum

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