Is it because I'm a man?

I posted a comment earlier @ Grannymar and went back to check the responses to it, but it's disappeared.It's totally ridiculous! I mean there are comments like...
SeMEN - that’s caused women a few problems!


Dear Grannymar.

We would be MENacing and MENdacious and foMENting trouble. No further comMENt is recomMENded.

Where did my comment go? Maybe because I commented as a gentleman would on a lady's blog and I didn't stoop to the standard that the other commenters did.

According to Grannymar, women’s problems start with
MENtal illness

MENstrual cramps

MENtal breakdown



AND …..!

When we have REAL trouble, it’s a


How could anyone be so cruel to MEN? What is the world coming to?

All this reminds me of...

a multiple choice question

A joke
Q:  How many lesbians does it take to change a lightbulb ?
1: Sixty-nine.
2: Three. One to screw it in and two to talk about how much better it
is than with a man.
3: Two. One to screw it in real good and one to call the gynaecologist.
I can't even answer that. Is it 'gynaecologist' or 'GUYnocologist'?


Grannymar said...


I hit the wrong link. Under stress that day.

CyberScribe said...

No probs Grannymar. It seems that stress creates great blogging. I never knew there were so many words with 'MAN' in them and no doubt there'll be lots more shared with you at your site.