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RE: link me up

Check out my blog. If you like it please link me up. Plus I have tons of videos that you might want to use.

Errington Thompson, MD

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And another, written as I'd imagine a hobbit would write...

The Hobbit Forums

Hello there,
I hope that you will remember me from RPG Forums Online and that you will not consider this email to you as an intrusion, but I wanted to introduce to you to my new forums, The Hobbit Forums.
If you are unaware of my work to date, I created the extremely popular role-play site, RPG Forums Online, and I hope that my new Hobbit project will be just as successful. The main initial focus of the new site was based around the new "The Hobbit" film to be released in 2009, but obviously aspects relating to the book and video games are also in it, as well as the possibility to participate in specific "Hobbit" play-by-post roleplays. All in all, if you are a fan of Tolkien, the Hobbit or the Lord of the Rings, or any fantasy genre, I'm sure there is something here for you.
We are in fairly early days at the moment but site traffic and content is increasing and I'm confident that it will grow into something truely wonderful. And by all means, if any of you wish to register and contribute to The Hobbit Forums, then please do so.
Anyway, thanks for listening. The site is:
For and on behalf of The Hobbit Forums

Now the sort of email I enjoy reading and wondering, who sent this.
from Paul Patterson[ markmcneill@songofthegreys.com] to c_w_rogers@yahoo.co.uk

subject to c_w_rogers
Who is Paul Patterson, who is c_w_rogers@yahoo.co.uk. And, markmcneill@songofthegreys.com who's that?

The e-mail read...

Across the heavens' gray.
The road, but not far enough aheadAway, my songs, must we go
Escapees from the cold work of living,Among us, only Alberti, then Sangallo,
wonders if she'd ever be brave enoughAt these masses the snow hides from me
So I had to check the end of the e-mail address www.songofthegreys.com and I found...

Of all the humanoid alien types that feature
in innumerable reports of sightings and abductions,
the most common is the ‘Grey’.
Small in stature, spindly and thin,
with smooth and sallow skin and huge ‘almond’ eyes
that wrap around their upper faces
like grotesquely disproportionate aviator sunglasses,
they are like creatures out of some surreal dream. Or nightmare.

Who are they? Where do they come from? And what do they want from us?
These are just the most immediate questions
that the Greys’ unnerving presence poses. There are many more.
Yet there is a strong feeling among those
fascinated by the whole subject of alien contact
that the Greys are essentially benevolent superior beings.

Nigel Kerner has a different view of this important and complex matter.
Bizarre as it may sound, Kerner suggests that the most devastating
secret that the governments of the world are keeping from us
is that we are a genetically intercepted life form engineered
for the purposes of an alien super-intelligence now covertly
present on our planet.

I then entered the site and I refuse to tell you what I found!

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Old Knudsen said...

I destroyed a grey mothership once by uploading a virus into it, well ok I gave her the clap.