Sky News, guaranteed to amuse.

With headlines like Violent Videos Upset NI Peace followed by
As Northern Ireland continues to enjoy the fruits of peace, there are growing fears that paramilitarism may once again be on the rise. Politicians in the North are calling for videos glorifying paramilitary violence to be removed from the internet.The video uploading site YouTube has hours of footage of IRA, UDA and UVF violence, posted by users who seem intent on keeping the decades-old conflict alive.
Much of the footage is pure propaganda, with videos celebrating how the IRA "beat" the British army. The UDA and UVF videos are equally graphic and are also set to triumphalist music.

The pure propaganda, they mention, is embedded at the top of the page beneath the title

Watch an IRA YouTube video

I'm hoping David Ford MLA, of the Alliance Party, who's leading the campaign to have the videos removed doesn't start one against journalists who continually amuse me.

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