Elvis aint dead he's having a

Shit, what was that the advert for? I'm sure , like me, you haven't been able to avoid the news that Elvis is really dead 30 years. I'll show how old I am by reminiscing back to 1977. It was the school holidays and I was always encouraged to get a holiday job. The jobs included gardening, painting, shop work and on the milk run. Delivering milk would start at 3am and on a good day finish at 10am. They weren't always good days because one of my colleagues would be occasionally picked up at the local football club and we'd have the job of keeping him awake and trying to sober him up for the first couple of hours.Thirty years ago, Paul was sober. It was 3am. Brian was driving, heading out of Bangor and on the radio the news presenter read the headlines Elvis is dead. I've never been 'all that shook up' about Elvis but for some reason will always remember the announcement of his death.
I've met a real Elvis fan. He was that devoted he's formed Elvis tribute bands and arranged gigs and concerts for them all over the country. He even had an Elvis phone. When the phone rang the Elvis doll on top of the phone would sing and gyrate. I was looking through Amazon to see if I could find the phone and was waylaid slightly and found this I thought was good.

I'm sure most folk know that Lisa Marie Presley is commemorating the 30th anniversary of her father's death by singing along with him. The video of a posthumous duet with her dad will be available for viewing on Spinner from tomorrow, as well as for purchase on iTunes for a charitable cause near and dear to the Presleys.

The video, directed by Tony Kaye ('American History X'), was shot in New Orleans, and, as Presley tells Spinner, she was so touched by the lingering affects of Hurricane Katrina that she decided to make this video more than just a tribute to her dad.

"I landed there to do the video, and I looked around when I got off the plane ... It looks like Katrina happened six months ago," Presley says. "So, that's when it all fell together."

The duet -- both song and video -- will be available on iTunes for downloading, starting Friday. All proceeds will go toward the building of a Presley Place transitional housing development for underprivileged families in New Orleans.

"Families come in and live there, get their life skills together," Presley explains about the charity her family originally started in Memphis. "They get jobs and then they save their money, and about a year later, they move out when they can get back on their feet. It's something [Elvis] was very interested in, because it's kinda where he started from." source - Spinner.Com
It's good to see that something worthwhile will come out of all the Elvis fuss today.

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